The Bully Ball
Georgia English Bulldog Rescue


  The Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, Inc.
is located in Winder, Georgia and a public charity under Section 501 (c) 3
of the Internal Revenue Code

GEBR is overseen by Ruthann Phillips, Director
Our mission is to first ensure the safety and well-being of all English Bulldogs that we take in and secondly to educate the public in the care of English Bulldogs.  We rehabilitate and re-home English Bulldogs that are sick, neglected, abused, or injured and provide a safe alternative to
shelters for owners that are faced with the already difficult decision of finding a new home for their English bulldog.

With the help of donations and events, such as the Bully Ball, we have been able to
 care for over 130 dogs and help 23 in 2009, 31 in 2010, and 42 in 2011, and 42 this year (and counting as of November 2012) bullies find their FURever home!


                                Clementine, before GEBR                                                     Clementine, after GEBR, and now adopted!

English Bulldogs are flooding the rescues in the southeast with most suffering from severe medical neglect. Many are surprised that bulldogs are ending up in rescue due to the fact that they are considered an expensive breed. Bulldogs end up in rescue due to many reasons:
  1. Owner lost their job and can’t afford their bulldog’s medical bill.
  2. Owner lost their job and must move out of their home and into a place where their pets are not allowed.
  3. Owner purchased a bulldog without doing research on the special needs of a bulldog.
  4. An English Bulldog is located in a high kill shelter and their stray  time is up. The bulldog is not a good candidate for adoption due to their obvious poor medical condition so they are at risk to be euthanized.
  5. Family no longer wants their senior English Bulldog anymore.
  6. Female English Bulldogs are dumped in the pound or on the side of the road by a backyard breeder because they can no longer produce puppies anymore. Often, these poor girls are covered in mange and various infections due to lack of proper medical care while with their previous owner.


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